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Conseq Group

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We Are Conseq Group

We help creatives, entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed. Founders can discuss their ambitions with like-minded professionals, get expert operational support and find ideal business partners with complimentary skills to help them GROW

Book a Consultation

Invest in your future


Short Consultation


An opportunity to discuss your business/ Idea and any key challenges you would like to explore.


Executive Consultation

£30 Per Session (1hr)

Let's discuss some key business objectives and identify some actions to help you grow.


Deep Dive Consultation 

£50 Per Session (2hrs)

Let's discuss your strategy in detail and work out how we can get you to achieve your key performance targets.

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Digital Brand Management

Helping you find new customers and communicate effectively with your them

Financial Modelling

Helping businesses prepare for the future by forecasting sales and evaluating the best use of capital

Market and Competitor Analysis

Comprehensive view of the competitive landscape on the strengths and weaknesses of the competition

Business Strategy 

Helping you shape your value proposition, find new customers and communicate effectively with your them




Diane Tuffuoh - Founder

Conseq Group provided The Afro Beauty Company with  a range of consulting services to help it position for investment. This included Brand Marketing to position for investment, Business Modelling and Financial Modelling

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Afolabi Joseph - Managing Director

Conseq Group provides London Virgin Hair With The Professional Digital Brand Management package which covers a range of business support including: Marketing Strategy Development, Ad Campaign Management and unique content creation

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Abisola Ajani - Founder

Conseq Group provides Braids Parlour with Adhoc Consultancy services with the aim of positioning for growth. This includes shaping its value proposition, producing marketing content and mediating senior talent acquisitions


Samantha Warren

Samatha Warren - Managing Director

Conseq Group supported Samantha Warren during  the company's rebrand. This included providing SEO optimisation recommendations and facilitating workshops to help shape brand messaging


"I worked with Conseq Group for 6 Months. The service met my needs extremely well and I'd be extremely likely to work them again in the future"

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Sayaw Limited

Hannah-Ruth Moore -  Founder

Conseq Group provides Sawaw limited with digital brand management support, helping the company to reach a wider audience, refine its value proposition and increase revenu


"'Working with Abi from Conseq Group has not only been a turning point for our business, it's also been a great learning experience. He is an incredible marketing consultant, teacher and mentor. He goes above and beyond to ensure he produces results. I highly recommend'."

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