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Partnership with Market Row

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Conseq Group provides Market Row Botanical Rum with a tailored digital brand management package aimed of increasing purchases of and improving online engagement.

In the first year of our partnership, Conseq Group oversaw the growth of Market Row's mailing list from 500 to 2000 subscribers. In the second year of this partnership, we took over the management of Market Row's website and as part of the launch of a new product we were able to generate a pre-order pipeline worth over £2000 in 5 days.

In the modern business landscape, the power of strategic collaboration can work wonders. The remarkable story of how Conseq Group Limited partnered with Brixton Distillery to bolster their email subscriber count, orchestrate impactful campaigns, and steer the ship through a website transformation paints a picture of digital triumph and brand evolution.

Forging a Digital Symphony

When Brixton Distillery sought to amplify its digital presence and drive growth, Conseq Group Limited was the natural choice. With a reputation for crafting effective digital strategies and innovative campaigns, Conseq was poised to turn the tide for Brixton Distillery's success.

Mastering ECRM Strategy

Conseq Group Limited embarked on a journey to understand Brixton Distillery's essence and audience. Armed with this insight, they engineered a bespoke Email Customer Relationship Management (ECRM) strategy that aimed not just to accumulate email addresses, but to foster meaningful, lasting connections.

Impactful Campaigns that Resonate

Campaigns are the voice of a brand. Conseq Group Limited orchestrated campaigns that weaved the story of Brixton Distillery's journey – from the flagship Market Row Botanical Rum to the newly introduced The Brixton Dram and Frost's Liquid V. With visually captivating content and narratives that resonated, these campaigns captured hearts and fuelled curiosity.

Crafting Digital Destinies

Conseq Group Limited's expertise wasn't confined to campaigns; it extended to reshaping Brixton Distillery's digital landscape.

Reimagining the Digital Hub

Brixton Distillery's website underwent a metamorphosis under Conseq's guidance. Melding aesthetics with functionality, they conjured a user-centric experience that beckoned exploration. User-friendly navigation, responsive design, and immersive visuals collectively contributed to a digital haven that captivated visitors.

Redesigning for Impact

Conseq Group Limited took the reins of website management and redesign. The result was a digital masterpiece that seamlessly integrated subscription prompts and showcased the expanded product line. Every facet of the design was tailored to enhance engagement and encourage exploration.

Navigating Growth with Grace

As Brixton Distillery's product line expanded to include The Brixton Dram and Frost's Liquid V, Conseq Group Limited remained a steadfast partner in navigating this expansion journey.

Paving the Growth Path

Conseq's strategic prowess ensured that Brixton Distillery's expansion was seamless. The evolution of the ECRM strategy and campaigns gracefully accommodated the new additions, captivating the existing audience while captivating a broader consumer base.

Cultivating a Vibrant Community

The refined ECRM strategy, coupled with captivating campaigns, yielded a surge in authentic email subscribers. What was once a list of addresses transformed into a vibrant community of enthusiasts.

Digital Engagement Amplified

The website redesign and management resulted in heightened digital engagement. Visitors were entranced by the immersive experience, leading to longer dwell times, heightened interaction, and an increased inclination to subscribe.


The tale of Conseq Group Limited's partnership with Brixton Distillery is a testament to the potency of thoughtful collaboration. Through strategic ECRM management, impactful campaigns, and website metamorphosis, they propelled Brixton Distillery towards an era of digital prosperity. This partnership stands as a living example of how innovation and expertise can redefine success in today's digital realm.

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