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Partnership with Sayaw Limited

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Conseq Group provides Sayaw Limited with digital brand management support, helping the company reach a wider audience, refine its value proposition and increase revenue.

"'Working with Abi from Conseq Group has not only been a turning point for our business, it's also been a great learning experience. He is an incredible marketing consultant, teacher and mentor. He goes above and beyond to ensure he produces results. Highly recommend! - Hannah Moore, Founder

In an era where digital presence defines success, the collaboration between Conseq Group Limited and Sayaw Fitness stands as a remarkable testament to the power of strategic partnership. This blog sheds light on the inspiring journey of how Conseq Group Limited propelled Sayaw Fitness into the spotlight by revamping their digital marketing strategy, crafting influential social media campaigns, orchestrating a stunning rebrand, and setting the stage for a grand expansion.

The Digital Metamorphosis

Sayaw Fitness, known for its fusion of traditional dance and modern fitness, had gained a strong local following. However, the brand was ready to take a leap and expand its influence on a larger canvas. This is where Conseq Group Limited stepped in, armed with its expertise in digital strategy and market expansion.

Crafting a Tailored Digital Marketing Strategy

The Conseq team embarked on a deep-dive into Sayaw Fitness' target audience, objectives, and industry landscape. With these insights, they developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that aligned with Sayaw's brand values and aspirations. The strategy encompassed everything from enhancing online visibility to establishing a stronger connection with potential customers.

Igniting Engagement through Social Media

With social media being a powerful conduit for brand communication, Conseq Group Limited orchestrated impactful social media campaigns that resonated with Sayaw Fitness' target demographic. These campaigns leveraged eye-catching visuals, engaging storytelling, and interactive content to captivate audiences and encourage participation. The result? Sayaw Fitness witnessed a surge in engagement and a rapidly expanding online community.

A Rebrand to Remember

Conseq Group Limited recognized that a rebrand was pivotal for Sayaw Fitness' evolution. Collaborating closely with Sayaw's team, Conseq conceptualized a fresh, vibrant brand identity that captured the essence of their fusion concept. From a revamped logo to a cohesive visual language, every element was meticulously crafted to convey the brand's uniqueness and energy.

The Path to Expansion

With a robust digital presence firmly established, Sayaw Fitness was now poised for a major expansion. Conseq Group Limited continued to be a guiding force, steering Sayaw towards its ambitious goal of building a new gym and increasing its engagement with target communities.

Navigating the Gym Construction Phase

From feasibility studies to budget management, Conseq Group Limited offered invaluable insights throughout the gym construction process. Their experience in project management ensured that the expansion journey remained smooth, on-time, and within budget.

Engaging Target Communities

With their enhanced digital strategy in full swing, Sayaw Fitness engaged Conseq to tailor campaigns that directly reached out to their target communities. By tapping into local interests and preferences, the campaigns struck a chord and drew individuals into the Sayaw Fitness experience.


The collaboration between Conseq Group Limited and Sayaw Fitness serves as an inspiration for businesses seeking to harness the power of digital transformation. Through the artful fusion of digital marketing prowess, rebranding finesse, and strategic expansion planning, Conseq Group Limited enabled Sayaw Fitness to transcend boundaries, capture hearts, and pave the way for an exciting new chapter in their fitness journey.

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