Frequently asked questions

Do you have mold flow capabilities?

Yes, we use moldflow analysis.

Do you provide a DFM for part analysis?

Yes, we provide a detailed DFM analysis of all parts submitted by customer.

What are draft angles for when building a tool?

In the injection molding process, plastic products are difficult to demold due to friction force between the cavity and products, thus, finished products might be deformed or damaged. Therefore, designers add a draft angle to the geometric surface of products, which is parallel to the unloading direction, in order to help the products eject smoothly from the cavity

Can Tutamen recommend material and provide data sheets?

Yes, Tutamen works with generic materials as well as special compounds as per our customers’ needs.

Can tolerances be met as per a customer’s 2D drawings?

At the DFM stage, Tutamen will recommend which tolerances can be met depending on part complexity and the customer’s critical dimensions.

What size injection molds are you able to build?

Tutamen can provide from small ranging tools (80 to 260 ton machine size molds) to large molds (300-2500 ton machine sized molds).

Is there prototyping available before a tool is built?

Yes, 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and complex machining are services we offer.

Can you build tool cavities or family tools according to EAU demands?

Yes, we build tools according to the EAU’s and customer’s demands, and family tools when possible to make it more economic for our customers.

What is the lead-time for a plastic injection mold normally?

It all depends on the mold’s size and complexity, but, normally, the lead time is 25-45 days.

What kind of steel do you use for plastic moldings?

We can use any type of steel appointed by the customer or popular in the market, and also depending on which steel is better suited to the product material. E.g. P20, 718, 8407, NAK80, H13, S136

What types of files do you accept (drawings)?

We accept the following files: STP, IGS, DXF, DWG, Cad Key PPT, STL, X_T, CATIA, UG files