Afolabi Joseph - Managing Director

Like you, my company meant everything to me and thus I was willing to sacrifice everything for it. This came at a cost as I was sacrifice relationships and my health for its success. 


What was needed was a system and structure to allow my company to continue to grow with and without me: a strategy which enabled me to think again like i did in the beginning without having to be weighed down by the day to day demands of business and life. 


Conseq Group provided not only what I needed but what would be essential in the years to come. Over two years since partnering with Conseq and i’m now able to parent two children knowing that my company will not be neglected.

Samantha Warren

Samatha Warren - Managing Director

I worked with Conseq Group for 6 Months. The service met my needs extremely well and I'd be extremely likely to work with Abiola again in the future