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Conseq Group is a network of business owners who have faced our own challenges. We have achieved success through collaboration and hard work and now we look forward to sharing the lessons we've learned with you

Our online community, Powered by Slack, was set up to support entrepreneurs and small businesses with their growth strategies.



Monthly subscription


  • Entrepreneur News

  • Upcoming events across the UK

  • Access to business support templates

  • Digital Entrepreneur forum

  • Facilitated strategy workshops*

  • Bespoke business support* 



Monthly subscription


  • Tailored news and content

  • Free 30 min monthly consultation

  • 20% off all Hackathons and Seminars

  • 20% off facilitated workshops

  • 20% off bespoke business support.        



Monthly subscription


  • Free 1hour monthly consultation

  • 50% off Seminars and workshops

  • 50% off bespoke business support

  • 50% off facilitated workshops 

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